Wicd validating authentication

11-Oct-2019 18:13

This proves the "BAD PASSWORD" error message itself to be false.Analysis: --------- Either (1) This is a bug in wicd.The configure menu in control center then reverts to WEP and every time you change it to WPA/WPA2 preshared key if you open it again it says WEP. No working leases in persistent database - sleeping. I get the same "revert to WEP' if I remove the wlan0 connection and set up a new network interface.

– This is both incorrect and confusing, because the password is correct. – After an attempt to connect, wicd again reports "BAD PASSWORD".I can connect just fine to the same network with netcfg (actually, netcfg is the only wifi tool besides wpa-supplicant that works).However, when I connect with wicd it stalls at validating authentication and then gives a "bad password" error message. Changing to dhclient just makes it fail at obtaining IP ADRESS. The network is WEP ad-hoc with a plain-text passphrase. The network is WEP ad-hoc with a plain-text passphrase.

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The laptop is a 1005HA eee pc with a Atheros AR9285 Wi Fi card.Comment: -------- Shifting the buck to solve this bug either to other developers or to the computer user does not resolve anything. The latter, of course, include the complete removal of "network‑manager".

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