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It’s mid-afternoon on a Monday in October and all eyes in the country are turned towards the sky.

Hurricane Ophelia, one of the most colossal and potentially violent weather systems to emerge in these parts for 30 years, is slowly, inexorably amassing power above the UK with one peculiar side-effect.

If HIM have endured then it’s because the man at the helm hasn’t just captured hearts and imaginations the world over. Now, like an indifferent god, he wants nothing more to do with it.

The news of HIM’s dissolution came via a cryptic message on the band’s Facebook page on March 5.

His first cinematography appearance was in a short film Asphalto from 1998, directed by Ilppo Pohjola, where he played the role of Lippumies.

HIM is dead and vocalist Ville Valo is about to reveal why.

Ville applied to Sibelius Upper Secondary School of music and dance but was rejected, and later decided to drop out of school as he didn’t have enough time to spend on music.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist Ville and his band, HIM, were represented by Razor & Tie music artist management company from New York City, New York, USA.

We say our goodbyes to the folks at the studio and stroll back to my place down the road, marvelling at how pretty the end of the world is.

However, he announced that they planned to retire in 2017, and the band played the final show on New Year’s Eve the same year.

Outside the band, Ville has had many successful projects and collaborations – with He attended Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory while he was playing instruments and singing with bands.

For a man about to turn 41 he’s looking pretty good, too – possibly healthier than he’s been in a long time.

He’s off booze and cigarettes, he says – a breathtaking achievement for someone who used to light up so compulsively he’d have sucked down two at a time if he had another mouth, and for whom arriving at interviews with a sack of beers was a common occurrence.Rock, Gothic Rock Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards During his career with HIM, he was signed with recording labels such as –The band’s debut album was named Greatest Lovesongs Vol.