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Rikke then travels to the Imperial Camp in The Rift, with the intent to blackmail Jarl Laila Law-Giver's steward Anuriel to attain knowledge of a Stormcloak convoy full of weapons and gold that she then has the Dragonborn ambush alongside Hadvar and several other Legionnaires. "There are those who still call themselves Stormcloaks, who continue to fight us, and bring misery to the people... The ordinary citizen will be happy to get back to life as normal, to have their families return home. I suspect all of Tamriel will again be called to arms in the not too distant future." What's next for the accomplished Legate Rikke? " Imperial Soldier: "Stormcloaks were already camped out around the entrance when we got here. " (After killing the guards) Legate Rikke: "You two, stay and guard the entrance.Having captured the convoy, Rikke orders the Dragonborn to assault Fort Greenwall, the main Stormcloak stronghold in The Rift protecting Riften, as it would allow for easier communication with the Imperial City back in Cyrodiil. "The General's put me in charge of assisting the new governments. They don't know we're here yet, though." Legate Rikke: "Well, that's something at least." Legate Rikke: "Listen up, legionnaires. We don't want any Stormcloak reinforcements taking us by surprise.

If Hjaalmarch was given to Ulfric during the negotiations at High Hrothgar, Rikke will be at the Hjaalmarch Imperial Camp, asking the Dragonborn to assist with taking the hold back from the Stormcloaks by attacking the garrison at Fort Snowhawk. If you die, then I'll have no further use for your corpse." What kind of test? We're going to install a garrison there, but first, your going to clean out the bandits that have moved in." "Welcome back, soldier. I'll meet you there as soon as I finish up here." What's the Jagged Crown? It'll throw him off our trail, allowing us to maneuver more freely." Reporting for duty. Ulfric: "Secure the door." Galmar: "Already done." Rikke: "Ulfric. Taking Skyrim back from those who'd leave her to rot? We're here to accept Ulfric's surrender." Ulfric: "I'll never surrender Skyrim into the hands of a corrupt and dying Empire." Rikke: "Skyrim doesn't belong to you, Ulfric." Ulfric: "No... Windhelm will need a government quickly if we are to prevent more violence." Tullius: "The Legion will be staying here for quite some time. Let this day be a final warning to those who still call themselves Stormcloaks!

She, along with General Tullius, is present at the Imperial attack on Windhelm, and assists the Dragonborn in the final battle with Ulfric Stormcloak and Galmar Stone-Fist. Legend has it that the crown is made from the bones and teeth of ancient dragons, and is said to increase the power of the wearer. "I need you to deliver some false orders to the Stormcloak commander in Dawnstar. In appreciation for your exemplary service, I am doubling your pay and compensation for the widows of your fallen comrades! " Imperial Soldiers: (Cheer) Tullius: "I hate giving speeches." Rikke: "It wasn't so bad." Tullius: "I hope we haven't just created a martyr." Rikke: "There's bound to be resistance.