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Source: https://edu/courses/electrical-engineering-and-computer-science/6-974-fundamentals-of-photonics-quantum-electronics-spring-2006/lecture-notes/chapter7Laser Dye technology by Peter Hammond A friend postulated using the triplet state phosphorescence as a magnetically-modulatable dye. magnetically slice a scattering biological sample, rather than slicing optically (light sheet, 2p) or mechanically. I am inclined to believe that they really are not all that different; legalese is structured and convoluted the way it is because it is, in effect, a programming language for laws, hence must be precise and unambiguous.

After a little digging: I'd imagine that it should be possible to design a molecule -- a protein cage, perhaps a (fully unsaturated) terpine -- which isolates the excited state from oxygen quenching. Furthermore, the article is well written and evidences structured and balanced thought (via appropriate references to the real world).

J Neurosci Methods 174:2, 168-76 (2008 Sep 30)China 'social credit': Beijing sets up huge system So long as it purports to measure just one social variable -- 'trustworthiness' -- it might be a good idea. ebay ..) have these sort of rating systems already, and they are useful.

When humans live in smaller communities something like this is in the shared consciousness.

J Neurosci Methods 184:2, 199-205 (2009 Nov 15) displacement (relative to the spinal canal) during normal postural movements.

This motion corresponds to displacements on the order of centimetres17.

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[0] Bartels J, Andreasen D, Ehirim P, Mao H, Seibert S, Wright EJ, Kennedy P, Neurotrophic electrode: method of assembly and implantation into human motor speech cortex.

This fact is important because if B were exactly W (the Moore- Penrose pseudoinverse of W ), then the network would be performing Gauss-Newton optimization (Supplementary Proof 3).

We call this update rule for the hidden units pseudobackprop and denote it by ∆h PBP = W e.

Edited Terrence Eden's script to average multiple frames when producing a time-lapse video from a continuous video. We chose base 11 (5 bits whole, 11 bits fractional) representation to avoid overflow: if 2^11 - Then we imported the data into matlab and plotted (Actual double floating-point sine and cosine are plotted on the same axis as thin black and magenta lines, respectively) Later, we had to change the naive standard implementation of multiply to assembly to properly implement the fixed-point arithmetic - the MSP430's standard library did not implement the 16x16 multiply followed by shift correctly (it only keeps the bottom 16 bits).

Frames are averaged together before decimation, rather than pure decimation, as with ffmpeg. Also, outputs a video directly, without having to write individual images. /usr/bin/python import cv2 import sys # Video to read print str(sys.argv[1]) vidcap = cv2. Note: this assembly function is for use with Code-Composer Studio, available from the Texas Instruments website.

First, the equations were linearized with three steps of (9-11) to get in the right ballpark: were scaled so the quadratic nonlinearity better matched the data.

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