Updating software on android

27-Jan-2021 14:07

The company can squash certain bugs and even introduce new features just by updating Play Services.Similarly, many of the system apps that were once bundled as part of the operating system are now available in the Play Store, which means they’re maintained and updated this way—just like all the apps you download manually.

In this article we have mentioned the common problems with Android Oreo OS update and their solution as well.Some of the major advantages are minimal background activity for least used apps, faster performance with 2X speed, more security, Auto Fill to memorize your app logins, multitasking with PIP (picture-in-picture) – it pins your videos while you work on something else, Google Play Protect, notification dots for quick app updates, teleporting to apps directly from your browser, long battery, etc.On the other hand, the disadvantages of Android 8 Oreo update are issues during installation, weird battery drainage, Bluetooth issue, UI lag, frozen device, random reboots, unlock problems, fingerprint issues, issues with sound, as well as calls, etc. Often during firmware updates there are chances that you might lose your vital data.These two things mean you get more up-to-date phones, even if they’ve stopped getting full version updates from the manufacturer.

Google is updating Android without actually updating the Android operating system.Be it a unresponsive or bricked Android device or one with a crashed apps, Oreo update problems, failed system update, or stuck on brand logo, – Repair (Android) can easily eradicate the issue.

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