Updating ipod on different computer

08-Aug-2020 01:32

A lock icon next to a backup indicates that it was encrypted.

As long as you keep the Encrypt i Phone backup option enabled, all future backups will be encrypted.

To stop encrypted backups, click on the Encrypt i Phone backup button and type your encryption password.

Okay, now let's say you need to restore your i Tunes backup, either to the same phone or to a new phone.

Maybe your phone is misbehaving or has already glitched and you hope to fix it by restoring it to factory conditions and applying the latest backup.

Or perhaps you're upgrading to a new i Phone and want to transfer all your current data.

If your computer crashes or goes down, there goes your backup.

But you can encrypt an i Tunes backup if you want to retain your passwords and other sensitive data.

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If you need to create a new backup, tap on the option to Backup Then Erase.

The automatic backup then occurs whenever you connect your phone to your computer and open i Tunes.