Updating datagridview in c

21-Sep-2019 21:08

Now What I'm trying to do is when user do the changes in the grid those changes should be reflected in the list (in object properties) and then it should be updated in the database.

I just wanna update my database with one click only.

My guess (based just on the terminology in the bits of code you show) is that in your form_load sub there will be something like Me. If you copy that code (NB "copy" - that is, leave the original where it is but put a duplicate) at the end of your btn Update Position_Click sub, it might solve the problem. It's very difficult to know for certain what's going on. It may therefore be (we don't know this for certain) that, when you've made a change to the Applicants datatable in your app, you already have IN YOUR APP sufficient information to make any necessary changes to the Job Titles datatable IN YOUR APP.

For example, I've no real idea - I've only made an assumption - what your stored procedure is doing. If that were to be the case then there would be no reason to use Execute Non Query on a stored procedure to update the Job Titles table in your database just so's you could bring the revised Job Titles table back to the app again.

Close() This button Updates the database, but the changes are not reflected in the Data Grid View, Job Titles Data Grid View, until I exit the application and run it again. That datatable was (again, I assume) filled by some sort of . I have a table for Job Titles and another table for the Applicants. There is PK_Job Title ID in tbl Job Titles and FK_Job Title ID in tbl Applicants. Indeed, doing it that way may be better even in a multi-user setting: just doing updates to the database more frequently.

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Even though the picture has become a bit clearer with the extra code you have now posted, it's very difficult for us to work back from snippets of code to what the full story is likely to be. A single manager will be making Applicant to Job Title assignments. I'm using Job Titles because each Worksite may have multiple Jobs, each having multiple individual positions available.

The table Job Titles contains all the Jobs and a number of available positions for each as: tbl Job Titles(PK_Job Title IDID, FK_Job Title ID, FName, etc.) = (83838383, 123456, Bob, etc.) Now Job Title 123456 only has 4 of the original 5 positions available.

I still dont understand how this application works, and what is expected from it, and what is a database structure, but you could perhaps udate the position field everytime a applicant is added/removed, which will bring an up-to-date Job Titles datatable.

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