Updating credit card information in itunes

10-Jun-2020 18:47

As mentioned in the paragraph directly above this, if you do not see the “None” option available then you likely have an unpaid balance or subscription service associated with the Apple ID.That must be addressed before being able to choose ‘None’ as a payment option.

The verbiage varies slightly depending on the i OS release.

You will need to know how to update i Tunes payment information on your i Phone if you are getting a notification that your credit card is about to expire, or if you want to make a purchase on your device, but you do not yet have a credit card attached to your Apple ID.

Fortunately this process can be completed entirely on your device, and all that you will need is your credit card information and your Apple ID credentials.

Now you know how to stop “Verification Required” when installing apps in i OS, it works for free apps, updates, and paid apps too.

Separately but related, if you also don’t want to authenticate with an Apple ID password upon each instance of downloading and installing i OS apps on the i Phone or i Pad, you can disable password requirements for free downloads from App Store in i OS (and for Mac users, there is a similar setting to enable free downloads without passwords for Mac App Store too).The information that you enter during the steps below will be the credit card that is charged whenever you make a purchase in i Tunes or in the App Store. Step 2: Scroll down and select the i Tunes & App Store option.