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The Internet's first guide to Scotland and Scottish culture. This newsgroup will be created for reasons including, but not restricted to, the following: * To encourage understanding and discussion of Scotland and Scottish culture, in the many ways people wish to define it. Even before the recent Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, trespass has long been a delict (civil wrong) which is remediable by the remedies of interdict and damages.

Foreword -------- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the soc.culture.scottish usenet newsgroup and Scottish information likely to be of general interest. * To act as a focus for the Scottish Diaspora (Scottish people, including emigrants and their descendants) and to draw together the global threads of the Scottish nation. However, The Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 amends the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 and establishes a statutory right of access.

news:soc.culture.scottish was created on 24th May 1995. * To act as a resource for Scottish people who wish to use the Internet and for people who wish to encourage the development of the Internet in Scotland. Certain types of trespass have been criminal since the Trespass (Scotland) Act 1865 was passed, an Act no-one has ever heard of.

The proposer was Brian Atkins and the group charter is located at the start of this FAQ. * To provide a forum for the use and support of the Scots and Scots Gaelic languages and the Norse influenced dialects of Orkney and Shetland. Section 3 makes it an offence for any person to lodge in any premises, or occupy or encamp on any land, being private property, without the consent of the owner or legal occupier.

id=210112003 If you want this colour on your PC, the RGB Value on the colour sliders for Pantone 300 should be 0, 132, 202. I've also seen Highland jobs only advertised in the Herald.

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The soc.culture.celtic newsgroup is also not particularly suitable for discussing Scottish issues as a great many Scots do not view themselves as Celts. The Scots are a British people who have been influenced by a number of different cultures. Readers interested in Land reform may be interested in the book "Who Owns Scotland Now: Use and Abuse of Private Land", by Auslan Cramb, ISBN 1851589643. More info --------- (highly recommended) [1.10] Business start-up information Enterprise/Business start-ups ============================= Enterprise Agencies (national) ------------------------------ Scottish Enterprise They can help find new products or technologies from across the UK and Europe.

nl: Since januari 2019, this archive is no longer maintained/updated. [11.2] Scottish Monarchs [11.3] Declaration of Arbroath [11.4] History and Archaeology information [11.5] The Picts [11.6] Antiquarian books [11.7] Historical re-enactments [11.8] Museum of Scotland project [11.9] The story of Glasgow's emblem (fish and ring) [11.10] Scottish historic buildings and sites [11.11] William Wallace / Braveheart [11.12] Clan Links [11.13] John Mac Lean [11.14] Robert Tannahill [11.15] Robert the Bruce [11.16] Thomas Muir [11.17] John Paul Jones [11.18] The Auld Alliance [11.19] The Clearances [11.20] Battle of Culloden [11.21] Knights Templar [11.22] Freemasonry [11.23] Vikings [11.24] Scots emigration/immigration to the US [11.25] The fairy flag of Mac Leod legend Traditions and Culture ---------------------- [12.1] Learning and studying Scottish Culture [12.2] Cultural Newsletters and websites [12.3] Kilts and their history [12.4] Plaid [12.5] Tartan and Tartan Day [12.6] Where to buy/hire a kilt and Highland accessories [12.7] Kirking of the tartans [12.8] Scotch [12.9] Scottish Wedding Information [12.10] The Church of Scotland [12.11] Choosing a Scottish name for your child [12.12] Couthie on the Craigie - Hyperreal Scottish culture [12.13] Burns night / St Andrews Day / Tartan Day [12.14] Saint Andrew's society [12.15] Christmas Customs [12.16] Hogmanay Customs [12.17] New Year Fire Festivals [12.18] Ba' game, Orkney [12.19] Halloween [12.20] Use of Mc Vs Mac in Scottish Surnames [12.21] What is worn under the kilt? In 1993 the Scottish Office said that "it was not convinced that there was enough groundswell of dissatisfaction from the public and, crucially, from the legal profession" to justify any scrutiny of the not proven verdict.

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