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24-Sep-2020 15:47

After watching her butt for a week or so, he had a hard-on just thinking about her.Before his first week was out, he was thinking about Evelyn all the time." He squatted to lay her on the wood floor as rope after rope of hot, fertile, seventeen-year-old cum shot far and wide into her salivating, ecstatic pussy.Now and forever, they were not just lovers, but Mother and son. They both realized this and cried in happiness as they entered eachother's souls.She was hell-bent on taking this young man as her own. The only overatures she made in Kenny's first few days was her totally sexy wiggle as she walked away from him. Maybe there really is such a thing as fate, because un-beknownst to even himself, Kenny sorely needed a Mom who could show him what love really was.His biological mother was cold and cruel in a pragmatic way.

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He wanted it inside Evelyn, but didn't think she would let him.

She then raised and wrapped one leg around him.., and he entered her immediately there, where they stood.

The 17-year-old man gently and lovingly mouthed her left nipple as he fucked her like a son.

She kissed the face of his cock as soon as she saw it, and her caress told him that she would be a loving mother to it, as well as him.

He proceeded to remove the married woman's sweater and skirt in her husband's shop, and she lifted her legs quickly but in a very feminine way to remove her low-heels.

She made sure she wore her short skirt that monday.

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