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14-Dec-2020 17:05

And yes, as Carrie says, that is indeed totally fabulous.

So to her, she’d rather win a man over with her glowing personality (or smarts), then let the sexy come later.Who hasn’t been out with the gals and wondered, like Carrie did when she said this, if that special someone would ever come along, or if you’d still be out with the girls, peeking over your shoulder at the cute person at the table across the restaurant, when you’re old and grey?Carrie really was a sort of dating poet, as this statement proves.In all cases, it’s just downright cold and impersonal. Girlfriends are forever, and they are there for you to lean on in times of need and celebrate in times of happiness.

But anyone currently dating can relate to this statement, feeling as though you’re doomed to repeat the same pattern, over and over, meeting with friends and hoping to meet that special someone.

Anyone who’s ever had a bad first sexual experience and decided to give it another go knows just what she’s talking about. Today, most people would refer to that as oversharing.