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If you do not behave confidently others may take advantage of this by criticising you making you feel worse.

Your manner is likely to make others respond coldly and this will damage your relationship with others further.

What events or circumstances have led to this poor self-image?

Girls may have had an absent or wholly undemonstrative father and came to believe that they were unworthy of love.

Read how you can improve your communication skills.

Relationships you have had for a while can quickly go downhill if you suffer from low self worth.

They may have had painful teen years of not being popular or pretty.

Boys may have failed to meet expectations of parents or had a bad father role model or a cold and unloving mother.

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If these insecurities are reinforced by those around us as we grow from childhood to adults, we end up with low self-esteem—not a good place to be in a competitive, fast-paced world or in relationships, especially romantic ones.

What are some interests you have that your partner does not? Establish relationships with others at work or school and plan activities that do not involve your partner.

Acting like someone who has a sense of self actually fosters that sense of self! While this is a difficult concept, you really are not defined by your failures; you are defined by your successes, no matter how small.

If nothing else, this should serve as a reminder that many people who perhaps had low self-esteem growing up overcame it and have productive lives and great relationships.

Adults with low self-esteem need to re-visit their pasts and confront their demons from long ago.

When individuals with low self-esteem are in romantic relationships, they do a number of things: —there is no “magic bullet.” But there are five things you can begin with (right now) that can make a huge difference, especially in who you choose to develop a relationship with!