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22-Apr-2020 10:05

This has created a wealthy class (the 1%) that is becoming richer and richer just because it already owns property or stock (assets), while a working class is struggling to make ends meet.The economic crisis of 2008 has accelerated neoliberal policies by the austerity measures that have further gutted the welfare state.It showed burned down trailers, people in extreme poverty, living in a place ridden with crime.Fort Oranje is no exception, many of the ±1,500 campings in The Netherlands have similar problems.Gedoogambtenaar; a Dutch policeman who tolerates illegal activity." The first thing that we found is that permanent residency on campings is illegal, unless the municipality issues a special exception.In reality an estimated 10,000 people live on campings permanently.Camping owners allow permanent residency because they need the money, and local politicians tolerate it because they cannot provide affordable housing in urgent cases, like divorce or eviction.Most of the Netherlands has housing shortages and waiting times for social housing can be between five and twenty years.

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Why are people in one of the richest countries in the world living in slum-like conditions?After Fort Oranje was closed many local governments stopped tolerating illegal residency and have evicted and fined those who live on campings illegally.