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04-Nov-2020 10:42

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Hi My Sweetheart was nominated in 2010 in five categories at the 45th Golden Bell Awards,including Best Television Series and Best Leading Actor in a Television Series for Show Luo.Rainie Yang who portrayed Chen Bao Zhu in the drama, won Best Leading Actress in a Television Series at the award ceremony in October. Unfortunately this serie is not yet available to watch on Netflix.From taking part in “Hi My Sweetheart”, the relationship between Show Luo and Rainie Yang initially was a bit awkward, has quickly heated to falling in love with each other in the drama, their relationship was so good that it had shocked their manager.Rainie Yang also revealed while they were filming in Hangzhou, she had once personally saw Show’s pajamas, it was a pink one-piece short sleeved Hello Kitty pj along with a pink butterfly headband, she was dumbfounded on the spot!Show also admitted he had fallen in love with “Chen Bao Zhu”; they also disclosed, as long as they’re dressed up as the characters of the drama, there will always be more physical intimacy between them, but once their drama outfits are taken off, there is absolutely no feel between the two.credits: owner the upper pic was from Rainie's QQ and the below one was from Show's weibo updates.

rainie yang dating show luo-70

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Show was actually wearing a pink one-piece Hello Kitty as his pj, even with a pink butterfly headband on his head, feminine to the max!

And what is most touching is the way they had stood by each other all the while, and they pact they made to each other to help each other become popular if anyone of them become popular first when both of them were facing their biggest career crisis.

However I had given up hope that they would ever get together.

Currently busy on a promotion tour with Stephen Chow (周星馳) for his new film, Journey to the West , Chrissie insists that her career is currently her top priority.

As for love, Chrissie will allow it to naturally take its course in her life.Her hair probably hasn’t been this short since her 4 in Love days a decade ago. (on the advice) A fortune teller/Feng Shui master/Tarot card reader?

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