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Such laminated sediments were formed at Mt St Helens due to the eruption.A large variety of complex fossils are to be found in the Cambrian rocks. Each time Earth came close to Mars electrical conditions became extreme and a new set of sediments were laid on Earth.The fossils in these sediments consisted of more evolved Martian creatures plus now some creatures survived on Earth and evolved and also became part of these sediments. The bones of Earthian creatures that lived and died between these flows did not form fossils.As electrical conditions moderated there came a time when Martian creatures and rocks did not reach Earth.Both bodies would much more likely to have been in orbit around either Saturn or Jupiter.Old human stories identify the astral body as Mars, but this may be an error.

The electric current flowed between Earth and Mars and probably Saturn amd maybe Jupiter.Mo Hello mague, I have life originally from Mars and before Mars I know not.You are maybe suggesting that the asteroid belt is the remnant of some astral body that had life on it, and this astral body cracked up and the resultant rocks were collected by Earth as it passed by on an elliptical orbit. It does not have to be Mars, but it does have to be a body that stays alive with life evolving/changing on this body as the fossils show change in the likely creatures from the other astral body.Post your ad and make it very clear what you're looking for and a general idea of where you're from.

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For discussion of Electric Universe and Plasma Cosmology.As the current travelled past Earth it divided into probably four forks, three of which went over the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean plus Siberia.