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07-Feb-2021 11:53

You could have given any of us a home work program designed to make us a millionaire and we would have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Because we did not have the consciousness to be wealthy - or healthy - or happy.

We were professional "victims."When I started a business, the county started construction on the highway, the next time I had a crooked partner, and another time the economy went bad.

In actuality, once you understand the principles involved, you’ll understand that my comments only come from wanting the highest good for others.

And you may find them very appropriate – and very uncomfortable – for your own life.

And of course there is nothing worse than when your friends have a worse tragedy than you do!

You have to immediately manifest a tumor, meteorite landing on your car, or some other calamitous event to ensure that you get your proper share of sympathy.

Secrets of Prosperity By Randy Gage Do you realize that you are very likely sabotaging your own achievements?

It had everything to do with consciousness, beliefs, and even subconscious programming that you aren’t aware of.

Which ultimately was the best thing that happened to me.

By losing everything, I finally stopped looking at all the outside factors (crooked partner, IRS, economy, etc.), and started looking at the inside ones.

Yes it's true other people aren't getting thrown out on the street - but that's because they pay their mortgage. They see themselves as poor victims who "need" some of the money, "luck" and "chances" that rich people have.

Yes it's true that other people don't have their tire blow out on their way to the interview for that good job - but that's because they deferred getting cable TV and bought new tires when they needed them. And just like if you give they a lottery pay-off, the home work opportunity will have the same result, although less dramatic.We would gather at every opportunity and share our tragedies with each other.

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