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09-Dec-2019 03:07

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Come meet up with us to discuss alternative relationship styles and hang out with a bunch of smart, friendly, fun people!

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Monogamy is starting to look a little less simple every second.

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Can you answer my question with my username listed or tagged? Can you send me a personal update or heads-up when you post my question?

Sure, polyamory comes with the added stress of multiple relationships but monogamy is straight up fighting against our natural instincts so… But let me take a step back for a second and do a little term-defining.

Monogamy is what most of you are probably doing if you’re in a relationship or have done in past relationships if you’re not currently partnered.

Members suggest topics, so bring your ideas, questions and stories.

We are open to the polyamorous, non-monogamous, relationship radicals, poly-curious and monogamous interested in talking about plural relationships and issues associated with such.It is, essentially, what our culture bases our conception of romantic love on.