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16-Jan-2021 22:58

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Probably this can explain drastic difference in percentage in matches that I was getting in Milan and Moscow: It might be that Italian users are more prone to swiping everyone right, while Russians are still picking the profiles they like.

However rate of messages from males received by me during research (54% on average) was much higher than the average of 7% showed in the paper.

Their efforts, however, are not always particularly emphatic. The median message length sent by men is only 12 characters, compared to 122 from women.

For men, 25% of message are under 6 characters (presumably “hello” or “hi”).

Consequently, it is clear that little information is being imparted in opening conversations.”*note that expectations and strategies are based on the self declared questionnaires, not objective data, which raises questions of people being honest, people realizing their intents, being capable of measuring it, etc.

Most interesting finding for me was directly related to the strategies of users and my own previous research: In a sense that instead of measuring attractiveness of the certain user it actually shows the blend of strategies by male users in certain context — if all male users swipe all females they see, there is no way to understand certain female performance.

And this becomes worse and worse as if more men start liking everyone, more women get matches with everyone they like without further communication and become more picky, which make men even more aggressive in liking more, and so vicious circle begins.“63% of messages sent by men occur within 5 minutes of the match taking place.

This is only 18% for women, suggesting that female users often wait to receive a message first.

I perfectly remember how the first assumption of this difference in strategy was made by male designer at the very beginning of Tinder popularity almost 2,5 years ago, now it’s finally proven with data.“ Overall, we find that 21% of female matches send a message, whereas only 7% of male matches send a message.By sharing it in the comments section below you’ll help out some other seniors.

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