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19-Nov-2020 15:00

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The Latinx Program addresses teen dating violence through efforts to collaborate with organizations that work with Latinx teens. The Latinx Program is also developing relationships with local schools to better understand their response to dating violence in the Latinx community.

As you can see, the exact age difference between the accused and their alleged victim is important.The Child Advocacy and Services Enhancement (CASE) Project recognizes that youth exposed to domestic violence are at increased risk for experiencing an abusive relationship as a teen and/or adult in comparison to youth who did not witness domestic violence in the home. The CASE Project concentrates on providing technical assistance and training to raise awareness of the signs of dating violence and champion the need for a spectrum of interventionist services for teens in North Carolina. Because of the age of consent law, you won't be able to rely on express or implied consent from the victim, since being underage itself is assumed to render the alleged victim incapable of consenting to sexual activity.

North Carolina also has a "strict liability" definition of this charge, so even if the accused had a good-faith belief about the age of the victim, or even if the victim lied about their age, they cannot use "mistake of age" as a defense.

Initiatives directed at adolescents and teens are vital to the movement of ending intimate partner violence in the state of North Carolina.