Men seeking for women in marriage dating

22-Nov-2020 11:40

If you do not live in Europe, you may struggle with locating Bosnia and Herzegovina on the map.

Bosnia is one of the Balkan countries, but since it’s neither the richest nor the most troubled one, it has rarely gotten much representation in the media.

The men on the other hand, are often distant from their families especially their wives.

Now that feminism and women empowerment is in vogue, I wonder why women still have to depend on men for money to provide their needs.

I think polygamy is a widespread ideology among women and their preference with men, especially in African countries.

However, I do not believe the idea of “one man, one wife” is totally applicable because people have their own life rules, philosophies and patterns to doing things and handling issues.

Once the initial excitement of a new relationship is past, it is the level of deep compatibility that plays a determining role in that relationship’s durable success.

With its emphasis on the role of compatibility, and on helping you find someone who is genuinely right for you – vitally important whether your goal is long-term happiness, whether inside or outside marriage.

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Sex is often the exchange for the money, gifts and outings women receive from married men.Luckily, it’s more than worth it, because Bosnian brides make some of the world’s best wives.

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