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22-Nov-2020 18:23

Sexual desire may not be as directly or reliably testable as sexual arousal, which can be validly and reliably assessed by monitoring genital and other physiological arousal.No test exists that can definitely measure sexual desire.When partners describe their relationship as one where they are romantically in love, individuals are more likely to experience sexual desire for their partners than those men and women who only love or like one another; in such situations where the relationship has been described as liking or loving, the likelihood of sexual desire has been shown to be equally as unlikely.If couples experience mismatched patterns of sexual desire, however, the partner who experiences high-desire is more likely to report feelings of love, satisfaction, commitment, happiness and jealousy, while the less sexually interested partner is more likely to report dissatisfaction, and may be more likely to terminate the relationship or be unfaithful.

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Particular differences have been observed between the sexes in terms of understanding sexual desire both with regard to one's own sexual desires, as well as what others desire sexually.

This intense feeling is characterized by the experience of great emotional highs and lows, and when it is reciprocated through union with the beloved, it can lead to feelings of euphoria, exhilaration, fulfillment and ecstasy; however, if passionate love is unrequited and union is not achieved, the absence may lead to feelings of emptiness, anxiety and despair.