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I don’t know whether he was particularly happy in what he was doing, and I was definitely kind of elbowing my way out. They kind of have to be, because that’s how it happens. OLOIZIA: It seems to have worked out for the better. HANNIGAN: Well, I’m very happy with what I’m doing. It’s really pretty.” [And then I started singing and I went, “Ohhh, oh yeah! He’s got such beautiful tunes, so I’m very proud to have been a part of it.

You put the bag in, then you put the hot water into it. OLOIZIA: I didn’t know there was such a science to making tea. I think it was more just, you know—we had worked together for 7, 8 years, and had grown up together. You know, it was sort of a blowup of an ending, but those things often are. I haven’t heard those songs in years, but I heard—I think it was “Nine Crimes.” I heard it on the radio, and I remember thinking, “What is that song?

I hope I continue to do that and maybe play different shows and play for longer and in more towns, but I don’t know what you want more than that thing, to be able to play music in front of people.

I think you’d be very dissatisfied, because what else is there that isn’t just gravy?

I’m thinking of an artist like Robbie Williams who is huge overseas, but just never really cracked it here.

There’s certain people who can’t really seem to make that transition.

All smolder and solemnity in her previous gig, the songstress has since traded her muted wardrobe and mysterious stage presence for an assortment of colorful dresses and equally sunny tunes. You know, I think that those things can be quite interesting. I wouldn’t have been comfortable in the Damien crew to have a documentary. OLOIZIA: Do you think there was added pressure in writing and recording a new album because of how well your debut was received? I think it always is the way with your first thing, people are like, “Oh, well done, you.” [There’s a certain element of that to it.I imagine, with Robbie Williams, if you’ve got like a thousand screaming girls chasing you down Oxford Street and then you’re walking down Broadway and there are ten screaming girls, maybe you feel like you’ve gone down a peg.I think it’s a different thing for a super massive pop star. OLOIZIA: You mentioned previously that you attributed a lot of the reason you and Damien split to your songwriting styles being incompatible. I had no business having any opinion about the songwriting style. I was driving in Dublin and one came on the radio, and I didn’t recognize it for a minute.

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I mean it was his thing; he wrote the songs, of course.He estimates that he has spent nine months over the past two years in this strange, captivating land - and My Favourite Faded Fantasy was largely recorded here, with local musicians dominating the credits on the album's liner notes.

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