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Indeed, children who are victimized or witness violence frequently bring this experience with them to the playground, the classroom, later into teen relationships and, ultimately, they can end up the victims and perpetrators of adult intimate partner violence.How Do I Participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month?Girls are particularly vulnerable to experiencing violence in their relationships and are more likely to suffer long-term behavioral and health consequences, including suicide attempts, eating disorders, and drug use.Adolescents in abusive relationships often carry these unhealthy patterns of violence into future relationships.For more information, please visit the Department of Justice, Office on Violence Women.

The book ends with the narrator realizing that she herself had been a “scooper” when she tried to turn the bunny she found in her yard into a pet.Here is the paper the kids fill out and color (in green, of course! Lesson 3 gives students a chance to practice telling an adult about unsafe situations.We begin by reviewing the concept that sexual abuse/unsafe touching is NEVER the kid’s fault. ” Inevitably, some second graders will say “Yes,” to some of the scenarios, which gives a great opportunity to correct misunderstandings and to underscore the fact that it is a kid’s fault.One thing that I especially like about is that it clearly describes “tricks” that abusers might use – lies, threats, bribes – and shows how kids should respond to keep themselves safe.

Despite the repetition of uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations, the book is very reassuring and not at all scary, and includes examples of “green flag” (safe and trusted) adults.

As we interact with teens in our work or personal lives each of us can act on President Obama’s call to stand against teen dating violence by: How Do I Get Help?