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[on receiving more attention for his abs in Prince of Persia than his character] It's fine, it's definitely flattering.I think there's a definite focus on vanity, and I think we all focus on it, which is so unimportant to me. As of 2014, has starred in three movies where he played not only a real person, but the person who wrote the book upon which the film was based: Homer H. Had his Bar Mitzvah party at a homeless shelter, something his parents encouraged to help him recognize how privileged his own childhood had been (a Bar Mitzvah is the coming-of-age service that Jewish boys celebrate at age 13). Messages tend to be a little preachy, and I don't think that's what movies are about.It's important for me to be in movies that have a human level, have a heart in them. Talking about Austin Nichols early life, he was born on 24 April 1980. He graduated from USC in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

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Gyllenhaal's most significant personal relationships have been with actresses Kirsten Dunst and Reese Witherspoon.

And I think that Lou is a product of the times; he's been created... But I'm Jewish, so I have a tendency towards anxiety.

Something about watching a child and his ability to be honest, and his desperation for honesty, even in the midst of all the adults surrounding them, which is essentially what that movie is about, and the performance itself is so present and exists on its own even today. " and she would say "oh you suck" so then I would say you're such a faker" it was very "sibling-esque" but my sister is probably the reason why I do this, she's somebody I admire more than anybody in the world and drives me fucking nuts sometimes. With my work, no matter how much time and preparation I've had, I'm always scared.

But I know what a privilege it is to do the job that I do.

I know how amazing it is to be able to choose the work that I do.

We all get into situations where we're working with people, and we try to control that.

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