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23-Oct-2020 03:04

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Makes sense as Liberalism is nothing but acting like a child carried into adulthood and the country keeps leaning left. I'm afraid the media also promote childish behaviors: they confuse fighting with discussion in the talk shows, and arguments with entertainment in reality shows. Also, I agree that Donald Trump is by no means the only politician who has been demonstrating the bad habits listed in the blogpost. Clothing choices that are inappropriate may be another indication of immaturity.

I know I have seen cringeworthy outfits that were worn by older folks that a 20 something would wear. Nothing in that post implied the person "obsesses" over people's clothing - they just pointed out a trait that is actually quite accurate of people who act childish.

If you or someone you know functions more like a child than like a grown-up, what are your options? It's harder to love someone who acts like a child in the body of a grownup.

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Psychological or emotional age, by contrast, becomes evident in emotional reactions and habits.How do these children differ from adults that you know and respect?Before reading my list of characteristics that I look for, you might want to jot down a list of the traits that you noticed in your visualization.As a therapist who works extensively with couples, I have learned that almost any client can look reasonably "adult" when I meet with him or her individually.

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By contrast, seeing the same client in a couples therapy session where spouses are interacting gives me vastly more data.For instance, adults can stay calm whereas children tend to be quicker to anger.