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07-Dec-2019 17:11

From what I’ve read into this (which I know I shouldnt be. Negative Outcome = – This will most likely be a closure conversation.

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She likes to explore the world by dating men of different cultures.Obviously the most common outcome is the negative, but does anyone else have any personal experiences similar to this, or see something I dont? no relationship possible (when it comes to how females see it).We both began our dating with the knowledge both of us are looking for a serious relationship. since she already said “she’s not ready to be exclusive” – there can not be an outcome where she then says “oh i thought we were in a relationship this whole time.” “it wasn’t my intention to hurt you” means that she feels she hurt you (most likely you told her she did) which one can’t “hurt you” by telling you you’re in a relationship – so this definitively also means you are NOT in a relationships (atleast not to her). Actually all 3 of my major relationships were from a position of the friend zone.However yes I agree the most likely outcome is she is leaning towards the friend zone, and I agree it’s because I was too accommodating. I’m using the term as in we were building a mutual bond of some degree, and not as we were exclusively seeing each other.

The way I see it, I have one more shot during out coffee date to miraculously turn this around, and I was hoping to get some direction on how it can be possible to explain something while showing qualities she was originally interested in.

And 74-year-old widow, Beverley Rilatt-Richardson, entered the dating scene in her seventies and was surprised to discover she still had ‘pulling power’.