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Control and power are the underlying motivations behind bullying, and if the behavior goes unaddressed, it can have severely damaging consequences.

Although the target will be severely affected by the behavior, they won’t be the only person feeling the effects of bullying.

However, these cases of bullying (where the target is someone below the rank of the bullier) are also some of the most common.

To start, the behavior should be brought to the attention of your HR manager or representative, when you feel comfortable.

Bullies can create a ripple effect throughout the company, making those who witness the behavior uncomfortable, and making entire teams slow down in their production due to the Those who use bullying tactics may be working within the rules, but that doesn’t mean leaders should ignore their behavior.

It is the leaders duty to protect their workers, strictly enforce non-bullying guidelines, and create a safe and welcoming environment or culture for everyone.

Because these protections are not in place, some people may feel lost or hopeless when it comes to dealing with bullying. There are ways to properly confront bullies, and plenty of reasons why you should do it.

Let’s look at the definition of bullying, why it’s so harmful to individuals and a company, and what you can do about it — even when your boss is the bully.

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Image Source: Katie Mc Beth is a researcher and writer out of Boise, ID, with experience in marketing for small businesses and management.

, about one out of every five Americans that were interviewed had either been the target of bullying or had witnessed it.

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