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They investigated science and high-tech careers in the World of Today and Tomorrow, and discovered visual and performing arts in the World of the Arts.The World of the Out-of-Doors gave new meaning to environmental concerns in an age of gasoline shortages and world food problems.These badges were on the same fabric but with a Merrow Edge.This provided a cleaner look and less stray threads on the badges. (source: Introduced in 1977, the "Worlds to Explore" approach to the Girl Scout Program grouped activities into five interest areas.In 1948 the "Gold Wings" name changed to Brownie Scout Wings In 1963 the name was simplified to just "Brownie Wings." In 1970 thermoplastic backing was added to the wings and the "felt" was changed to synthetic material at some point.

Brownie Wings were never to be worn on the Brownie uniform.Designs continued to be introduced and deleted to keep up with the modern world.(source: Manufacturers began to trim the edges of the badges with embroidery thread in 1955 and the excess fabric was no longer needed.In the World of Well-Being, Girl Scouts focused on fitness and fighting drug abuse.

Girls learned to appreciate differences in the World of People.They simply indicated membership in the Brownie level of Girl Scouting 1977 brought the first "bridging" patch to Girl Scouting.