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20-Sep-2020 20:18

(Check out Nsiah-Buadi's series, "The Media Disruptors," about women upending the media landscape.) Esther Armah: The reaction to the interview broke down these very specific issues: economy, sexism, hypocrisy and this obsession with how the outside world looks to Ghana.

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Yet, it was Boduong who singularly faced a backlash in Ghana for what she said on the show. She was even called “publicity hungry” by Ghana's Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection Hon. The criticism was so forceful, she publicly apologized on social media, saying it wasn't her intention to offend anyone.

This title, "the informal sector," is really an extension of how sexism functions in our economy because it's dominated by women.

There are not the kinds of social protections that come with the formal sector.

So, for example, you may have a woman who is a trader, and she has to be able to move through borders to transport her goods from one place to another.

To get through some of the borders, she has to negotiate and deal with men.It’s a particular, rampant abuse of power that’s going unchecked, and you have too many pieces of legislation, of research, that identify teachers as abusers.