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03-Feb-2020 23:15

This nasty ho slept with my boyfriend of 5 years at ultimate frisbee tournaments. She preys on venerable good looking Men whom are going through tough times in his relationship and pretends to be a trusted friend, while she’s taking notes on how she can pretend to be the person he’s looking for!She will publicly shame you and make a fool of you and make a mochary of your children and family even though you’ve never met her and have never done anything to deserve such heinous hateful acts against you!Insecurity is a very unattractive feature and Men eventually see that and become greatly turned off! She believes in her own lies and talks herself into believing that she’s in some way superior to you and that she’s entitled to what’s rightfully yours, but just as it always does reality and karma sets in and pushes this heinous poor excuse of a woman off her own pedistal and she’s left in the dust to wallow in her poor excuse of a life! Trying to break apart some one else’s family and life is a seriously unattractive trait and no real man will ever respect or take someone like her seriously! She tried her damnedest but as stupid as my man was to make the truly truly poor mistake of involving himself with her he isn’t stupid enough to ever leave me or our family for her!It was never a question for him, it was purely about getting some free slooty a55!She forget to tell the judge the minor detail that I am now broke because she was carrying on with my husband who has moved away and doesn’t pay child support. She will go after married men when she is is supposed to be a role model for her daughters, smh. She thought she would end up with my husband, poor thing she will never have my life or my husband. This unstable scuzzy clam is a complete waste of life.

fell in love with a taken man who had a baby on the way at the moment has no respect for others or herself worked at Worcester Walmart easy access to married men lol she’s a sloot like her well known mom This girl likes to falsely accuse people of doing things, that never happen when she doesn’t know the whole story purely out of hate and jealousy. My husband is a dog and obviously wasn’t thinking clearly when he chose this filthy skank over his beautiful wife!

Delusionally she thought he was going to come back to her after i found out and leave me.

Actually he was so relieved to be out from under her vindictive, manipulating, psychotic thumb he was happier, slept better his levels of anxiety were down.

When I caught them, the b1tch covered herself in my bed sheets!

After I threw my husband out and was a week late on my rent, she started eviction proceedings. 24 herbert at lynn ma Workplace : Vinwood Caterers in Ipswich ma JESSICA COLUCCI!!!

All while she knew about me and knew i didnt obviously know about her.

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