Fractionalizing dating

12-Nov-2019 08:18

A Consen Sys company, Open Law, is building a technology stack to streamline commercial relationships in a legally compliant way, which can be used to create licensing agreements, royalty payments, generate and transfer these tokenized licenses.

More specifically, standard licensing agreements can be created using Open Law which enable ownership and rights to be transferred automatically while auditing in real time.

Green Bay Packers stock provides no dividends or earnings, isn’t tradeable, and offers no securities regulation protection.

Tokenization presents an opportunity to further incentivize fan ownership and create new business models. Fans would also be enticed by non-monetary benefits to fractional team ownership, such as governance rights, facetime with owners and players, or access to special events for fan owners.

Therefore, these assets usually have a liquidity premium making them more costly and challenging to sell.Standard intellectual property licensing agreements can be generated to automatically transfer ownership rights through a token, where the licensed IP use can be monitored and tracked in real time — opening the doors for an intellectual property (IP) token marketplace.Sounds out of this world, but this can already be achieved today.Tokenization refers to the process of transforming real assets into tradeable digital contracts that live on a blockchain.

Blockchain technology can empower individuals to tokenize their intellectual property licenses (e.g.

This can be achieved by tokenizing the funding journey.

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If you or a friend is in an abusive relationship, you may feel like you are all alone – know that you are not. If you are feeling hopeless or helpless or know someone that is, please call the Defense Divas wants to thank Girl Scount Troup# for providing us with this amazing resource about bullying prevention by AAA State of Play.… continue reading »

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