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`Unordered Elements Are Array()`, `Unordered Elements Are Array(array)`, or `Unordered Elements Are Array(array, count)` | The same as `Unordered Elements Are()` except that the expected element values/matchers come from an initializer list, STL-style container, or C-style array.Net applications; D7 has a command-line version of the Delphi CLI compiler, but it was really meant as a learning tool.) Note that D8 comes with Delphi 7.1. Some are open-source, some are just freeware, and yet others are commercial: Note: In the Delphi literature, depending on the context, "package" refers to either a DPK master file and PAS/DCU source files, or the resulting, compiled BPL file which contains all the DCU files.Components can be distributed either as Typically, commercial components are provided as binary files, but some can also be bought with source files. PAS or DCU files) can be added to an existing package, or to a brand new package through either File Install Component (when adding to an existing package, the default file is DCLUSR. A package file has the extension BPL, and is just a Borland-specific version of a DLL with added functions like Get Package Info Table(), ie.

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Finally, if resource files are used (RES or DCR), Delphi will need those to compile a package successfully. DCU) aren't needed to use a component; They are only needed if you want to compile the component yourself.

Dynamic arrays are really a one-dimensional array that holds pointers to other arrays, and each cell can point to arrays of different dimensions: As a result, Delphi cannot provide Visual Basic's UBound(My Array,x) where x is either 1, 2, or 3, and High(My Array) returns the upper bound of the array.

If one of the cells in the array uses a different dimension from the other cells, you'll have to call High(My Array[thiscell]) to get is upper bound.

To make things a bit confusing, it uses the same syntax "array of" to declare dynamic arrays, and so-called "open arrays", ie.

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arrays (either static or dynamic) passed as parameters to a routine."isn't" : "is") " between " Print To String(a) " and " Print To String(b)) ` | Defines a matcher `Is Between(a, b)` to match a value in the range [`a`, `b`]. If the type of `value` is different to the mock function's return type, `value` is converted to the latter type at the time the expectation is set, not when the action is executed.|(first, last)`|Copies the elements in source range [`first`, `last`) to the array pointed to by the `N`-th (0-based) argument, which can be either a pointer or an iterator.