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05-May-2020 05:48

So much so that, David has a special merch with his and Natalie’s picture from high school days printed on it. Well, if you ship David and Natalie together, you may have to forgive us for unraveling the fact that Natalie is dating somebody else.

Happy Valentines Day from when Natalie dragged me to my first high school dance only to leave me in the cafeteria while she danced with half the high school football team A post shared by DAVID DOBRIK (@daviddobrik) on Not just that, the member of the Vlog squad also takes part in teasing David and Natalie at times and they seem to be completely fine with it. Sorry you guys, David’s assistant, Natalie Mariduena is in a relationship with a guy named Shawn Nelson.

; born July 23, 1996) is a Slovak-born, United States-based You Tube personality, actor and talent-show judge.

He is known for being the de facto leader of the popular You Tube ensemble The Vlog Squad as well as Axel from The Angry Birds Movie 2 and one of the judges on America's Most Musical Family.

After a fierce battle, both decided not to talk and see each other.

mentioned that Natalie also threatened legal action against him after their breakup.

He said he still feels euphoric when he looks at her. Keep him safe universe ❤️ The kinda mom I’m trying to be.

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Her full name is Natalie Mercedes Negrotti, and her zodiac sign is Aries.

Natalie revealed herself as pansexual and having an affair with a supportive woman on 17th July 2018, Tuesday.