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05-Jun-2020 12:42

Looking for a younger man to play a dad role is not something that you should be doing for the two reasons that I mentioned above.

They are not “dad material.” If you are looking to have children in the very near future, look to people around your age or slightly younger instead of a young cub.

One of the biggest reasons that older women are interested in dating younger men is because they can be the ones in control of the relationship.

The younger men are looking to date older women that can handle themselves and be in control of the situation.

In general, younger men typically are in a lot better shape as well. If you think you have stamina in bed, get ready for a reality check.

They have a lot more time on their hands, and the younger generation simply grew up eating clean or and making the gym experience a regular thing. When you’re dating a hot young man, they are literally in the peak of their sexual prime.

Even if you are dating this younger man, don’t expect him to be loyal to you.

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If you are an adrenaline junkie, you will fit right in with the crowd.If not, your younger man will take you to places that you would probably never go to by yourself. Cubs typically have a zest for life that you thought was long dead in your previous relationship or with an older man.It can be very thrilling dating a younger man just for this reason alone especially if you have similar hobbies interest and friends.So, both the cougar and the cub are looking for an experienced woman to take charge.

If you are a type of woman who prefers to take control, this is a perfect situation for you. It is plain and straightforward that their typical weekend consists of two nights in a row staying out the bars until 4 AM drinking with their buddies.

That one and done attitude that you had with your ex-boyfriend that’s 10 years older will not apply in this new relationship of yours.

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