Dating without the intention of marriage

07-Nov-2020 09:41

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She recommends that you communicate what you want in a gentle way, so that the two of you can be on the same page.

But dating early on without intense goals has a lot to offer you, even if you don't have an exact idea of where things are going.

So, DW — you're not wasting your time if you're dating without the intention of marriage, because there's always more to learn about yourself along the way.

Ultimately, it's about balancing what you want and keeping an open mind.

Tarbell says that if you're not careful, you can even pigeonhole people into a relationship that isn't super healthy.

She recommends you allow yourself to broaden your list of goals — for instance, marriage can be your ultimate goal, but you can also have smaller milestones (like being vulnerable with each other) to aim for early on.

Tarbell recommends that you stay true to what you want, without having expectations that constrict your relationships from growing.

For example, she explains that if marriage is your goal you can lean into that vulnerability and express that you're interested in something long-term.

However, it gets complicated because early dating situations are so precarious."If you take the time to meaningfully reflect on these relationships and what they mean to you, there is always something valuable to come from it.

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