Dating violence and cultural differences

18-May-2020 18:49

One friend advised reading fiction written by female authors.

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) is pretty much centered on how to be confident and make this visible. That is, being comfortable with who you are rather than relying too much on external validation.

The attractive part of confidence is not about being a jerk, who never admits to being wrong. And it’s true not only for humans: Think You Know What “Alpha Male” Means? You may say that at least when it comes to sex it is easier for women: it’s rarely the case for women. (If you want to look at a single criterion - for a male it is usually easy to experience an orgasm during each intercourse; rarely is this the case for a female.) And even if a woman is up for one-night stand, most likely she doesn’t want to be treated as an object.

A man using her only as a means for his pleasure will rarely put effort into pleasing her.

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A typical metaphor for dating is a hunt, or a competitive game. A much more fruitful metaphor is a collaborative project - you may bring different skills and have different priorities, but work on a common goal.

She has many legitimate concerns related to her safety: What really helps is if you know her through a network of friends, and there are people she trusts that can vouch for you.