Dating vintage rolex watches

02-Dec-2020 21:35

Therefore, letter prefixes could end at random times of the year, and did not start or stop at the beginning or end of a calendar year.

Then, later in 2010, they scrapped the entire system and implemented a brand new "Random" numbering system, in which each watch is issued a (unique) 8-digit "Random" number consisting of numbers and letters.

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In 1994, Rolex started yet another sequence with the letters: W, T and U, then A, P, and K in subsequent years, followed by Y, F, D, Z, M, V and then G in 2010.

V000001 to V999999), would in fact also be 1 million serial numbers, and worked well with this system.

It is worth mentioning that Rolex would not cease a letter prefix run at the end of a given calendar year, but would continue a letter run until all numbers were used before changing the prefix code.

If you have a newer Rolex, you most definitely have a quickset. (Read: How to Find Your Watch Model Number) Once you have your model number, you can check out this exhaustively detailed table to check what movement is inside your watch. Turn the crown counter-clockwise until you hit the correct date.

But depending on the vintage, you might have a non-quickset on your hands. (Ctrl F is your friend, here.) Winding is standard procedure for any Rolex with a screw-down crown (which is most of them).

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