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18-Dec-2019 02:39

First, let’s get one thing out of the way: the blades are easily replaceable.Some blades come individually wrapped, some in a small box, some in a little spring-loaded magazine. off of your first order* *Valid for first-time customers for first order only. When you subscribe to the Gillette On Demand Subscription Plan, you will get a credit for every 4th subscription order.Credits are awarded for each unique subscription plan and the value is equal to the lowest of the previous 3 subscription orders, including taxes.Gillette, being a pioneer of innovation, produced all kinds of razors.Be sure to get one that you’re comfortable maintaining to ensure the best possible shave.Use slow, long strokes to avoid unwanted cuts and remember to rinse your blade frequently.Some people like to have a bowl of water, others rinse the blade under the faucet.

If you’re skittish about handling the blade, consider a razor with butterfly head as they require you to handle the blade the least.

You can find Super Speeds everyone on e Bay or your local collector’s shop (in fact, I’d say start in those places first to find any of the vintage Gillette razors on this list); they all have differing years and models, which you can learn more about by looking at the number on the underside of the shave head.

Each one is different in their own way, so they carry their own unique qualities; it’s an easy way to get started collecting them, if you’re so inclined.

When young men first encounter the idea of using a safety razor, they worry that they won’t be able to causally slap and drag a razor across their face without any of the consequences of a 80’s teen-scream movie.

What they’re really worried about is being careful – and if you don’t care about your shave, maybe a safety razor isn’t for you.The “Fat Boy” was one of the innovative razors that pioneered the ‘adjustable’ DE razor variant.