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28-Apr-2020 13:09

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“For instance, if you don’t want to date someone who has kids, you’ll save yourself loads of time by simply saying no to anyone who wants to date you and who already has a brood. Forget judgment—just be true to you and you’ll be successful at dating.” And if you’re dabbling in online dating, make sure you know the 30 Worst Phrases to Use on Your Profile. “There are many potential partners out there that are diamonds in the rough.

It’s not always easy, but think outside the box.” And for more heartfelt advice, know the 40 Secrets of Couples Who’ve Been Married 40 Years.

You can use any of these anywhere--may it be in a bar, coffee shop, online, or even the streets.

“That’s millions of guys who seldom meet women because they are too shy.

In this article, we've listed everything you need to know to just have a perfect first date with that one special person!

Read more Compliments make a positive boost on anyone’s life—even on a man’s.

You tend to miss all the fun you had with your Ex, how you shared your little wins, even the small fights that lead to cuddles.

Read more Your first date is just around the corner and you don't want to make any mistakes?

Whether in real life or online, you can land yourself a cute guy, if you only know how. We have great, useful tips that can help boost your dating game.

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Instead of boxing yourself in with the thought of only dating your type, try stepping outside of your box and try dating someone new.… continue reading »

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I am a straightforward, ambitious, honest, aunties caring girl.… continue reading »

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