Dating sim ideas

30-Dec-2019 01:52

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My first visual novel, Heileen, was made of 15 different painted backgrounds and 16 characters, each one with different outfits and expressions.

That is the shortest and smallest VN I've made.

Both visual novels and dating sims usually have a "Gallery Screen" where you can replay previous scenes which are typically still images.

Usually the endings all feature a beautiful art moment but you can also use it for other particularly important points of the story.

As for theme/setting, anything goes: from dark sci-fi to cyberpunk, from historical to light comedy, like my latest dating sim "Roommates".

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love hina dating flash sim game cheats

When people ask me for advice, I always tell them there is not a single, universal, valid answer.

For dating sims, the best way is to split the story into scenes.

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