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However, the discovery of additional South African australopithecine fossils, including postcranial material, helped to support Dart's hypothesis that Taung was of a small brained, small statured species that walked bipedally.Because the fossil was to tightly packed into the breccia matrix surrounding it, Sts 5 was quite literally blasted out of the limestone cave where it was originally found.The case of who killed the single most important human ancestor has finally been laid to rest after more than 80 years of debate and scientific investigation.The announcement that the Taung child was killed by an eagle was made on Thursday by Professor Lee Berger at an international conference held at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) in Johannesburg.The Ohio-based scientists had found several key features of damage on bone that separated eagle damage from that made by other predators, such as big cats.These key markers included flaps of depressed bone on top of the skull and “keyhole-shaped” cuts in the side of skulls made by birds’ beaks, all features noted in Berger and Clarke’s 1995 paper.Dart proposed Taung as an early bipedal ancestor of human, based on a mosaic of traits that included a inferiorly placed foramen magnum.

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Nonetheless, Sts 5 is one of the most complete examples of an crania.

And in that is the clue to understanding why we humans today view the world the way we do.