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Yes, the women wore dresses and sarongs that concealed their lower regions, and, no, I am not arguing that Kenya represents the pinnacle of gender equality.Nevertheless, women squatting to pee in public can be a cultural norm. Thus, here in the US, not only do cisgender ​men have the physiological luxury of holding it longer, they also have the patriarchal privilege of releasing it sooner (using a penis that is far cheaper to maintain and care for than a vagina).On the topic of work, I also have the privilege of evading scrutiny of my work-life balance, a luxury that even celebrities like Jennifer Garner are unable to enjoy.Garner recounts constantly being asked about how she manages motherhood and acting, while her husband, actor Ben Affleck, instead gets asked about the “tits” of one of his much younger co-stars.

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Having finished teaching and feeling an uncharacteristically warm breeze through the classroom window, I bolted home as early as I could.I can roll out of bed, leave the house with my short hair still wet, and arrive to work at 8am, makeupless, shoving my shirt into my pants – without any repercussions.In contrast, many women must meticulously ready themselves for the day.They might have learned it from watching media that rampantly objectifies women, often blurring the line between mainstream media and pornography.

They might have learned it from consistently seeing men overrepresented and women underrepresented in positions of power.While studying abroad in Kenya, I routinely took long bus trips during which the side of the road was used as rest stops.

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