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Everything happens there, and all the power seems to be concentrated in one place. People just live different lives than in the rest of the country, can do strange things like being vegan or have an Asian brunch, they wear fancy clothes and have blue or purple hair.

Prague natives are also somewhat proud of their local accent (which to me sounds funnier, slower, with longer vowels, and seems to be really hated by everybody else in the country).

Moving to a new country can certainly be a very strong life experience.

No matter how much I was travelling before, and all the knowledge and experience I had accumulated on intercultural learning, culture shock and stuff like that, the fact of actually moving to Prague, Czech Republic in 2015 still hit me like a truckload of bricks.

“Full of bad drinks” surely indicates that the wolf is not Czech. 4) Eating & Drinking habits can be equally intense. Be warned when you accept an invitation to go to sauna, for example. My friends here have absolutely no problem at all getting naked for a quick swim in the local river or lake, even with people having their picnics all around. If I can imagine a scale going from total prudishness to absolute love for nudity, it would probably look like this: And I was thinking to be more or less in a comfortable middle position.

Czech Republic is famous for its beer, and rightly so. They seem to be the biggest beer drinkers in the whole world (followed by the Seychelles. What else are you supposed to do, if you live on a paradise island? A Czech drinks an average of 142 litres of beer in a year, which makes for almost a pint a day, each day, for every man, woman or child living in the country. This helps to put a lot of things in context, for example the first time I met my father-in-law, and we all ended up totally drunk, having dinner. In most places it’s actually forbidden to enter with your swimming suit on! But actually, I still feel terribly embarassed about that one time I had to take a swim in my underwear… Now that’s worrying, when talking about Central Europe.

Or maybe not, but it feels very liberating to be able to put these thoughts in plain text.

Which means, more “pure” and with less foreign interferences.A bit of a disclaimer here: I certainly don’t want to offend anybody.The post intends to be humourous and has to be read with a bit of a satirical tone in mind.Small-town Czech Republic will present different challenges of course (be prepared to attract puzzled looks as a foreigner, and almost nobody will understanding a word of English, for example), but it will also provide with unique rewards and many hidden gems.

Like having a full meal or a round of beers for an incredible price.New companies, farms, NGOs and the local university are very active to create an alternative to the “Capitol City” lifestyle.

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