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03-Jun-2020 01:48

Don't panic – unlike other dating apps, your crush isn't notified of your interest straight away.

In fact, it's rather more convoluted, even compared to dating apps like Tinder.

Because that’s the case, it brings up a very important question: when is the right time to Facebook friend someone you’re dating?

According to dating site, Whats Your, it’s probably better to wait and wait awhile.

For the other party to even be aware of your interest, they must also be signed up for Facebook Dating.

If they are, they'll be notified that somebody is interested in them.

Social media has changed not just the way we communicate, but interact with each other.

Twenty-four percent found themselves in relationships that were six to 12 months, and only 18 percent of these extremely patient people ended up in relationships that were less than one month...

I mean, is this new person really going to understand all your private jokes that your other Facebook friends already know comes with the territory of knowing you? So when should you make the jump from having something IRL to having something online? According to the survey, 42 percent of respondents either friended their date or followed them on some other social media platform immediately after the first date.