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If any of these guests do not appear, this story will be updated to reflect the changes.(UPDATE: A surprise appearance was made by John Billingsley, who played Phlox in . And we also figured out who the interim security chief is.)Robert Picardo is starring as Alara’s dad, Ildis Kitan, tonight.Em setembro ela estreia na segunda temporada de The Orville. Last it looks like @cherrycheva is the writer for Ep 202 titled "Home" NJmkh — St Jerome (@stjerome610) March 7, 2018Sameer Khan is listed as a street produce vendor by the Orville Zmu M8MD — Jessica Szohr Brasil (@jessicaszohrbr) June 5, 2018 Hey folks #The Orville Season 2 tidbits. Looks like @David AGoodman has quotes on his placard. Annie Trevino is listed as an ND Officer by the Orville wikia (a role she also played in earlier episodes this season).All the guys on the show have become kind of like brothers, and all of us girls are pretty inseparable. Nina took the script from the hair and makeup trailer because we've been dying to know what will happen next. Let's call it like it's day-of-the-week underwear and one's for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There's one for every day of the week...there's no need for just one to win!17: What does the cast do when everyone is hanging out? We've been geeking out and making girly collages and cooking dinners and barbequing. And then she got caught, and so now, they have scripts on lockdown, and they won't tell us any information! Humberto Montalvo is listed as playing Moclan by the Orville wikia.Moclan is the name of the Bortus’ species, and Humberto also appeared in Primal Urges, which was a Bortus-centered episode.

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Here’s a look at the special guests and cast who are expected to join tonight’s episode, called “Home.” In this episode, Ed, Gordon, and Alara visit Alara’s home planet.

On March 13, Seth Mac Farlane broke the news that Picardo was on set, which started speculation that an episode would. Jessica Szohr is listed on IMDB as playing the role of Talla tonight, but I don’t recall seeing her in this episode.

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