C wpf listview not updating

10-Dec-2020 06:06

Here we go: /// Ensures that the List View Item is focused before /// the Selected Item of the parent List View is changed /// See more here: /// (C) Thomas Claudius Huber 2016 /// As you can see, the Attached-Property above adds an event handler for the Pointer Pressed-Event of the List View.

The last parameter passed to the Add Handler-method (line 42) is true, which means that the handler is also called for those events that have been marked as handled before.

So, The main problem is the Databases collection not updating the UI when an item is added.

embed=snippet 8255492] the setter is not supposed to fire when an item is added, since you collection is of type observable, it should update the UI.

“Lara Croft” is no more there, it’s lost (or should I write here “she’s lost”? In my opinion the name “Lara Croft” should have been written to the Content-Property of the first List View Item, but it didn’t happen. I debugged the compiled data binding code and found out the problem in UWP: The problem in UWP is: The Selected Item of the List View is changed before the Text Box is losing its focus.

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How wpf combobox works is it will listen to collection change event of the observable collection, and updates the UI.For example, a user may want to display data items in a table and also to sort its columns.

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