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The actor’s antics in Berlin – walking out of the press conference after dropping an old Eric Cantona quote, wearing a paper bag over his head on the red carpet – threatened to overwhelm the film’s festival premiere.Commentators were confused by the La Beouf’s behaviour, but I’m rather more puzzled by what directors like von Trier and Oliver Stone see, exactly, in this workmanlike but utterly unremarkable little man; not since Jeremy Davies have I been at such a loss to explain the appeal or point of an actor.In which we return once more to Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg), still holed up in her new friend Seligman’s spare room, and still telling the long and detailed—but mostly just —story of her sex life.Not much has changed from the first film: her voice is still a kind of throaty, broken whisper; her reminiscences remain mostly self-loathing in tone, though occasionally shade into the actively nihilistic.Anyone hoping for titillation, in other words, would be better advised to stay home, open a bottle of Merlot, and start searching Redtube.

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and most of the really transgressive stuff here is anyway verbal rather than visual – and further nullified, both by Gainsbourg’s measured delivery, and by Joe’s patent sense of self-loathing.Any doubts as to the frankness of what’s to follow are dispelled with her very first line: "I discovered my cunt at age two..." But potty-language aside, as structures go this is fairly standard stuff.