Backdating rent allowance

23-Nov-2019 00:39

For that time I've been living off the €185.80 jobseekers allowance, I pay €76 a week rent out of that and the rest goes on food, living expenses,etc.

Obviously that's not always enough so I've also ended up with an overdraft, credit card and personal loan totalling €3,500.

I did manage to meet all rent payments by myself but as as result I have the pesonal debt problem so I wasn't really able to manage that well without help.

Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your Centrelink benefits and/or penalties being applied by Centrelink.

I'm 28, single and have been getting jobseekers allowance for just over a year.

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You cannot "average" your study load across the full academic year.I assumed I would be getting the rent supplement from FAS but I've just found out I'm not entitled because the address I gave on the application is the rented house I live in and that's near the training centre.

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