An error occurred while updating the firmware 32 booklovers dating

16-Feb-2020 07:37

an error occurred while updating the firmware 32-70

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(marked as point A) After the upgrade process (regardless success or fail), the installer continues.

It double checks the version of firmware to make sure it was updated successfully in previous process (namely point A).

Make sure you delete any existing installer you might have first.

This version ran without issue first time, updating the computer's firmware and installing High Sierra.

According to anecdotal comments online, it seems that Apple is installing a firmware upgrade and older versions of the High Sierra installer only worked with specific drive configurations.

In my case, I expect the firmware checker was expecting a HDD in this machine when it's now an SSD.

Apple's firmware updates that were released yesterday have been installing properly for most people; however, a few people have run into problems when trying to apply the patch.

After running Air Port Utility's firmware update option, the utility will fail and show a fairly generic-sounding error that states "An error occurred while updating the firmware." If this happens, there are several things you can try to get the firmware to update: Update Air Port Utility Installation of the latest firmware update is recommended to be done through the latest Air Port Utility release (currently version 5.5.2).

From there, I could boot from the external drive and install High Sierra successfully. When the Mac wants to restart as part of the installation, I had to convince to boot again from the external drive, which wasn’t as reliable as I had hoped.As a result, the installer find out that your firmware is NOT a latest version still.