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Middleburg’s code also contains an ordinance copying state law that prohibits anyone from gambling or owning or using “slot machines,” “punchboards” or “other device that operates on the nickel-in-the-slot principle.” No Sleeping in Cars in Middleburg A more controversial ordinance in Middleburg, adopted in February 2003, makes it unlawful for “any person to maintain any recreation vehicle, used for human habitation upon any plot of ground in the town.” Former mayor Betsy Davis said that although she couldn’t recall why the Town Council approved that ordinance, she said it was most likely related to a situation around that time when the town noticed a man frequently sleeping in his van around town.Middleburg’s decision to prohibit people from using their cars for living purposes might be 16 years old, but it’s a topic that’s once again coming to the forefront.Five decades later, in 1923, the town adopted an ordinance prohibiting the “willful and defiant contempt for the sanctity of the Sabbath day,” requiring businesses to close on Sundays.The town also adopted an ordinance restricting fireworks within the town limits.

and can have a negative effect on neighborhood aesthetics,” according to a Roanoke County staff report.

Liz Whiting, the town attorney for Hillsboro and Lovettsville, said towns often have redundant ordinances because offenders can be charged and convicted of the local ordinance and required to pay their fine to the town, rather than the county.